Our company was founded in 1977 and initially developed IT systems, computer and electronic devices networks over optic fibres and radio links. In 2002 Ondarete™ entered the market of video surveillance, bringing all its experience about interconnections and developing new exclusive patented systems. Ondarete™ designs layouts and plans solutions in your presence, choosing technology that suits your needs according with your expenses estimations, keeping always a high level of quality and professionality.
Ondarete Italy - Via Monte Pasubio 37, Oleggio (NO). Tel 0322066615, +393356773785.
Ondarete Russia - Via Novosmolenskaya 1, St. Petersburg. Tel +79112187737, +79130645866.
Email - info@ondarete.com
Ondarete™ developes in its laboratories innovative lens and filters to allow its cameras see where the others simply can’t, to satisfy high-end conditions of operativity. Withal the company develops the control software to fulfill the particular requests of the client and the detection applications to provide an innovative full protection systems. Ondarete™ is pleased to offer a complete surveillance solution, accurate and functional, that can operate in all environmental conditions.
Your resulting satisfaction is our best success, Ondarete™ matches your security needs with care and expertise, using quality materials, respecting your properties and your aesthetic sense. Ondarete™ ensures on-line and on-site operation and maintenance of your sites free of charge for the first year of use, we extend the warranty and service lifetime.Our systems are assisted 24h signaling any malfunction occurs directly to Ondarete™ center, we care to keep them updated and optimized allowing you the maximum performance.
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