Ondarete - Commercial enterprises
Ondarete™ for your business offers solution able to control large areas through a single installation, professional lens installed on videocameras allow to capture near and far details.
While the economy-standard solutions based on analog cameras requires an installation every 15-20 meters, high resolution digital systems may require only one site. That makes you save from overall cost and it minimizes the installation requirements.
Electronic surveillance: Ondarete™ developed systems for analyze in real-time the videos and recognize suspected people behaviors inside your business places, such as theft attempts and tempts of accesses into restricted areas, alerting you and security personnel promptly when it occours. It also helps producting useful statistics about predilections of your customers.
Ondarete™ sites meet the safety and professional criterias, installations are trim and made workmanlike manner, ensuring the functioning of the system over time and the respect of your aesthetic sense.
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