Ondarete - Public security
Ondarete™ provides high reliability systems with military technology to the Italian State Police Corps and some municipalities, the expertise of Ondarete's technicians assures the public security structures the operativity in all environmental conditions.
Environment disasters prevention and people safe : through high resolution images and terrestrial laser sensors the system promptly alerts on fires, landslides and flooding. The sites include powerful loudspeakers to alert local people about actions to take in case of emergency directly from emergency center.
Ondarete™ realizes upon request multimonitor control-rooms, adding where needed the function "mosaic" to display all the system’s cameras. To zoom in a single video is just a click, easy as well as review a past recorded video; applications are simple to use and customizable according to your specific needs.
Ondarete™ for Public Safety® is a system able to detect promptly dangerous events for the community, in particular it rises allarms on panic scenarios, overcrowded areas, tumbles to the ground and people lie down affected by unexpected strokes.
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