Ondarete - Anti terrorism militar systems
Ondarete™ developed in its laboratories the Ondarete Gloom Technology®, it consists of special lens and filters applied to cameras. It’s at last possible now to recognize passenger’s faces inside vehicles in motion, during the night and with the cars headlights on.
Powerful infrared spots are deployed in strategic street areas to illuminate cars cockpits brightly, due to their invisible light for human’s eyes the passengers can't notice to be monitored.
Face recognition to a degree of up to 99% accuracy, every single unknown profile detected is stored 24h/day and may be identified later by an external photo or identikit inserted in the software; useful to detect all the passages the subject had under all the system's cameras, with times and locations.
The real-time analysis of the videos can also search for suspicious behaviors, such as the dismissal of objects on the ground, prohibited accesses to restricted areas, suspecting aggregation of persons in sensitive areas, passages of oversized/unusual items, etc.
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