Ondarete - Traffic control
Ondarete ™ has developed a system for urban traffic control based on dual-technology cameras, it detects any license plates number transiting and simultaneously record high-resolution videos. The two technologies are synchronized to produce video collages when searching in database for a specific car, that’s useful for Police to check suspected drivers and their conduct, including the passengers sitting in the vehicle.
The Ondarete™’s detection license plates numbers system offers maximum reliability detection present on the market today, it is able to recognize license plates in all light and environment conditions up to 400 meters away, reading heavily soiled plates, decentralized, and with signs around them.
The multilanguage software allows searching in its historical for all the transits of a specific car, reporting date and time and speed. It may take actions such reporting immediately the passage of a wanted vehicles present in police research, uninsured or in administrative detention; in civil usage it can open gates, parking accesses, etc.
Ondarete™ adds a third technology to complete the Traffic Control System®, consisting in real-time analysis of videos. They’re able to identify improper driving behaviors such as proceeding in opposite sense on one way roads, unauthorized accesses, parking in restricted areas, and abnormal traffic events like jams, crashes, etc.
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